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Global Spares and Service

All Major Crane spare parts are available with us, with fast delivery.
With our first-class logistics support, Technomac can supply all major crane spares from anywhere in the world with the speediest response times ensuring optimum product availability and serviceability. We closely support all of our valued customers with fastest delivery and ensure customer satisfaction.

Radio remotes
Radio remotes give the user the freedom and flexibility to navigate the workspace unrestricted by a pendant cable, thereby providing better visibility and reduced operational risk. Our radio remotes are lightweight and designed for single handed operation, offering the user more flexibility, freedom and safety at an affordable price.

Steel Wire Rope
We offer a wide range of steel wire ropes for the worlds most approved brands and deliver solutions to meet all demands within the industry, crane and offshore sector. From the simplest wire ropes to the most advanced rotation resistant wire ropes with compact design.

Power Conductor System
TCS is involved in consulting, supply and installation of solutions that provide tailor-made answers for all questions to do with energy supply and transmission for various equipment of the clients. We cater to needs involving Enclosed type, unipole type, cable reel drums (CRD’s), festoon cabling system, etc.

Load Monitoring Devices
A load pin linked to a digital display transforms your crane into a giant weighing scale. With the addition of an overload protection and shut-off circuit, plus optional audible and/or visual warning alarms, it can also provide a back-up safety system to prevent the crane being overloaded.

Anti-Collision Sensors
Where multiple cranes run on the same bay, automatic stopping distances can be set between the cranes using photo-electric sensors. This not only prevents the cranes colliding but distances can be determined to avoid the collision of loads through excessive pendulum effect.

Ultimate Limits
For safety critical applications, ultimate limit switches provide a backup braking system. In the event of the first limit switch failing, they cut the power supply to the crane, bringing it to a complete stop. Once the ultimate limit switch is tripped, the crane cannot be driven until the system has been reset and confirmed safe for use.

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